About Gable Thompson

Gable Thompson is a student at Drake University . He is currently majoring in Digital Media Production, which involves filming, recording, editing, and designing but mostly consists of watching video and audio projects render. He also is pursuing a minor in English, to exercise his passion for creative writing. He came into discover this passion of his during his high school and college years Dungeon Mastering games of Dungeons and Dragons for his friends and family. Through this game, he was able to explore his creativity, creating adventures for people to enjoy and villains for them to slay. He currently is running a campaign for members of his Greek life fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega.

Gable joined this fraternity during his second semester at Drake. During one of their informal recruitment events, he hit it off with the guys there. He has made many great friends and has had many great experiences with this fraternity. He ended up signing a bid right before he had to evacuate campus due to the global pandemic.

During the second half of his spring semester freshman year, he went back to his home town, Glenwood, IA, where he spent all of his time on zoom classes, working on homework for his zoom classes, working at his high school job at Olive Garden, and watching anime with his best friend.

His debut back at Drake University for sophomore year, while very much anticipated after spending a summer trapped in a house with his parents and his older brother, turned out to be very anticlimactic, with few in person classes and few opportunities to “go out” and “have fun.” His motivation began to plummet and near the end of that difficult semester, he experienced burn out like he has never experienced before.

For this new semester, he has vowed to take a greater initiative with his friends, work and classes. He has begun to practice better time management skills and while he still at times feels overwhelmed, he has managed to get a better grip on himself this semester.

In his free time, Gable also loves to watch and critique movies, shows, and video games. Some of his favorites include Cowboy Bebop, The Boys, Into The Spiderverse, The Lord of the Rings, and Fallout: New Vegas. He also is working on a short story that he hopes to publish someday and is in the process of storyboarding for a screenplay.