Producing a Podcast For My Internship

Since freshman year, I have been working with a book publisher on campus called The Drake Community Press. The DCP focuses on community writing and student involvement and has published books such as “Above and Beyond Cancer,” “Spectrum of Faith,” and “Zakery’s bridge.

We will soon begin preparations on a new project that covers climate change, climate refugees and environmental witness. We have already assembled a planning council and will be meeting sometime in the future to discuss more of the specifics of what this book should be. We will also be offering classes on campus related to the topics of publishing and environmental witness.

The Drake Community Press is also known for its program, “Writing With,” which allows students to become a part of the publishing process, which is a two year cycle that involves writing, editing, designing and marketing the current book.

Another project that we are working on is a monthly podcast series called “Speaking With,” where we interview members of the Drake Community Press or associates that we have worked with on previous projects. We plan to distribute this podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We are also considering adding it to the Drake University’s student run radio station, “The Dog” and maybe eventually YouTube.

Below is the official description that we are putting on our Anchor page for “Speaking With.”

“Every month, CJ interviews someone who works with the Drake Community Press about all things DCP as we document our book-writing process. Follow along as we begin our new project on climate change as it affects Iowa and the globe.”

“A unique small-press publisher in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, Drake Community Press features an undergraduate publishing laboratory at Drake University that ‘writes with’ a selected non-profit community partner dedicated to community betterment.”

And to leave us off, here are some statistics we kept track of during our last project.

  • Number of Fridays sacrificed by our interns – 16
  • Ounces of coffee consumed during meetings – 496
  • Number of times someone accidentally hit ‘reply all’ – 3
  • Number of tears cried reading Above and Beyond Cancer – countless
  • Number of Zoom meeting links sent out right before the meeting – 16
  • Number of Zoom meeting links sent out during the meeting – 12
  • Chance that someone will have internet connectivity issues on a Zoom call – 1 in 4
  • Times our incoming and outgoing senior interns told each other they were doing a great job – 76
  • Minutes spent nerding out about community writing theory – 421

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