The Latest Adventures of Fantasy Iowa

For the past seven Months I have been running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my Greek life fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega. We have been having trouble finding time to have sessions during February and March because of Spring Recruitment and Midterms but now we have been going at it again.

Right now, my players are stranded in the middle of a frozen tundra on a quest to save Christmas. It’s April now, which probably gives you an idea just how long of a break we had to take from this campaign.

I have also started to run a brand new campaign that includes some players from the first campaign and some other members of Alpha Tau Omega who did not join the original campaign, either because they were too busy when we started the first campaign or were not yet a part of our fraternity. This new campaign takes place in the same world, in a town that has been affected by the actions of the original party.

Our first session of this new campaign started off with a bar fight as way to introduce the new people to the rules of combat. This party was comprised of a fighter named Kublai and a bard named Avdir. Since there were were only two players for this first session, I also added a gnome NPC named Gerbo to the party.

Kublai started off the fight by rolling a natural twenty, instantly killing someone with a single punch, which was pretty shocking for everyone around the table. During the tavern brawl, Kublai also ended up flaying the skin off a man’s back which was pretty horrific.

Of course, with the party having killed three people, the guards were called and it wasn’t hard for them to figure out who was at fault, what with Kublai being covered in blood. He tried to convince the guards that it was just raspberry jam, but that did not help him much.

In our second session, our party was making its way to a new town after Kublai and Avdir’s incident at the tavern. During the first night camping, Kublai got the idea to go hunting for a bear. Why? Just because, I guess.

he ended up finding some bear poop and tracking the bear to it’s cave. When it came time for Kublai to roll a stealth check, he ended up rolling a critical failure.

It was at this time that Kublai learned that bears are really strong. Much stronger than he was be himself at least.

Long story short, Kublai survived the bear’s mauling just barely.

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